A brief history of Zander Circuitry

So, we are going to try and start putting up blog posts regularly, and what better place to start than right from the beginning…

Who are Zander Circuitry?

We are Alex Millar and Maisy Tidey, a couple from Benfleet, Essex UK. Alex deals with building the pedals and running the marketing/PR. Maisy helps out with admin, finance and trade shows.

How did it start?

I (Alex) started the company after a couple of years building pedals and selling them on facebook, eBay etc. Once I began to sell more and demand was increasing, naturally the next step was to set up a proper business and start branding the pedals we were making, Zander Circuitry was born in the summer of 2016.

Initially, we were still very much a DIY operation, building pedals on Vero board and putting them into plain enclosures with a sticker on the top. Which was completely fine at the time as there were never any plans for it to be anything more than a side hobby.

That plan soon went out the window as we kept getting more and more orders each week, we weren’t overly happy with how the pedals were looking (both inside and out) so we decided to invest in getting properly designed PCBs and UV printed enclosures made.

The original SiClone Fuzz from 2017

Whilst these looked great and we were relatively happy with them at the time, all of the pedals in the range had a very different look and we wanted something a little more cohesive. Something that made the brand more recognisable without even seeing the logo. So in January 2018 we launched an entirely rebranded line of products along with a couple of new products.

The rebranded, updated SiClone Fuzz in 2018

Going forward…

We’re going to be heavily focusing on digital effects. We’ve been digging into DSP for a little over a year now, however, we will still stray back to our roots from time-to-time and bring out some new fuzzes/overdrives. We’re super excited about the possibilities of being able to code different effects previously not attainable for a smaller pedal company.

Want to learn more?

We recently recorded a quick interview/company overview with Pyxl Productions. Go check it out to learn more about us…