Zander circuitry are an electric guitar & bass guitar effects pedal company based in Benfleet, Essex, UK.


Founded in 2016, the company was built from my hobby of building guitar pedals. After making and selling a few small batches of pedals to friends and through facebook groups, I decided to take the next logical step and put a brand name to what I was doing.

One thing led to another and things eventually snowballed into a full line of pedals being shipped all around the world!

We handcraft all of our pedals to order and check every single one before it goes out.

Zander Artists

Who uses our pedals?
    Laurent Shinar

    The Graphic is a two piece group that utilise live instrumentation, original electronic samples and theater in their shows, with the intention of taking their audience on a fully immersive journey.

    Laurent Shinar
    The Graphic
    Luke Medlock

    All the best tapes are a math rock band from the midlands with a love for jazz and Japanese RPG soundtracks.

    Luke Medlock
    All The Best Tapes
    Ian Norsworthy

    The Mountain Shadow is a project drawing influence from the alternative, post, prog and indie rock scenes to create soundscapes that range from beautiful and ambient to raw and intense.

    Ian Norsworthy
    The Mountain Shadow
Our Process
Lovingly handcrafted in Essex

How We Work


From the artwork to populating the PCB, everything is done by hand.

built to order

All of our pedals are handcrafted to order, with less than a week turnaround.

quality control

Nothing leaves the workshop until is has been rigorously tested and then tested some more.


We try keep our costs down to ensure a high quality product at a great price.