Our youtube channel is getting a bunch of new content!

Since the world is currently ending and no one can properly leave their house, we’ve decided to try and put some pedal-based entertainment out there by uploading some new content to our youtube channel. We’re really trying to experiment with different types of content and work on the quality of our offering, if you have […]

It’s NAD for us!

Having not bought a new amp in a long time, we were starting to get a bit itchy and definitely in need of something new. We’ve always loved the Roland JC series of amps, they sound absolutely incredible when creating big, clean soundscapes. Perfect for ambient/shoegaze stuff. We previously owned a JC160, the 4×10 combo […]

We dropped off some pedals to Dinosaur Pile-Up!

With the long awaited release of Leeds-based rock trio Dinosaur Pile-up’s fourth album ‘Celebrity Mansions’ finally here, we were really excited to be going to see them live for the third time! We’ve been following DPU since the release of their early EP ‘The Most Powerful EP in the Universe‘ and we’ve been hooked ever […]

Junipero user testing day!

We recently carried out a user testing day for the Junipero with our good friends from JT Guitar, Dipswitch Demos & 15 Second Gear Demos. They brought a bunch of classic modulation pedals and we AB’d them against the patches in the Junipero. We’ve spent such a long period of time with our heads buried […]

Check out the Avalanche Soda at the Northwest Guitar Show

Things are moving along very quickly with the Avalanche Sodas, all of the enclosures for the first limited run are ready and looking awesome. Steve has done a great job on these, they came out perfectly! Because we’ve managed to get these moving so quickly, we are going to be taking some with us to […]

The Avalanche Soda Is Here!

We’re happy to announce that our collab pedal with Raygun FX is finally here, the Avalanche Soda is a a dual overdrive that combines an expanded version of the Crunch circuit from our Avalanche pedal with Raygun FX’s Soda Drive. It’s been great working with Steve from Raygun on this, we’re really pleased with how […]

We’re collabing with Raygun FX!

It’s been in the works for a while, but we’re finally ready to announce that we are working on a pedal with the awesome Raygun FX! Raygun are another pedal company based in the same county (Essex) as us, we’ve owned nearly everyone of his pedals at one point or another. They were also one […]

Pedal Switch Toppers Now In Stock!

We’ve just added a limited run of aluminium pedal switch toppers to the store! These heavy duty toppers are great for people who play barefoot or just aren’t as accurate with their feet as they’d like to be. Not to mention they also look pretty cool! If this little limited run do well we will […]

A brief history of Zander Circuitry

So, we are going to try and start putting up blog posts regularly, and what better place to start than right from the beginning… Who are Zander Circuitry? We are Alex Millar and Maisy Tidey, a couple from Benfleet, Essex UK. Alex deals with building the pedals and running the marketing/PR. Maisy helps out with […]