Having not bought a new amp in a long time, we were starting to get a bit itchy and definitely in need of something new.

We’ve always loved the Roland JC series of amps, they sound absolutely incredible when creating big, clean soundscapes. Perfect for ambient/shoegaze stuff.

We previously owned a JC160, the 4×10 combo and the second largest in the JC series, beaten out only by the JC200. That sounded great, but it was such a pain to move about and weighed an absolute ton.

We’ve been after a 120H for a really long time, but unfortunately they rarely come up for sale in the UK, and when they do they’re almost always incredibly expensive. We just so happened to be browsing eBay when we saw this one come up at a decent price, and we jumped on it immediately.

It sounds absolutely incredible, ferociously loud with that perfect stereo chorus making everything sound enormous. This one is definitely going to be sticking around for a while, you might even see it pop up in a demo or two!