Junipero user testing day!

We recently carried out a user testing day for the Junipero with our good friends from JT Guitar, Dipswitch Demos & 15 Second Gear Demos.

They brought a bunch of classic modulation pedals and we AB’d them against the patches in the Junipero. We’ve spent such a long period of time with our heads buried in the patches in the Junipero that we were worried we were starting to lose context of what they actually sound like, so we wanted a few sets of fresh ears and some context to compare them to.

The good news was that the feedback was largely positive, there were only a few small tweaks we took away to work on.

I can’t thank the guys enough for giving up a day of their time to come down and help us out. It was invaluable feedback that was extremely helpful and validating for the hard work we’d put in. Hopefully we’ll get to carry out some more of these in the near future.