Cafetiere Distortofuzz – PBoD Ltd Edition Fundraiser Pedal



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Raising Money for Black Lives Matter.

Thank you for helping a cause we wholeheartedly and unwaveringly support.

This is a limited run we’ve done in partnership with Pedalboards of Doom to raise money for Black Lives Matter, 100% of the profits will go to benefitting charities and causes relating to the BLM movement. We won’t go into explaining any of that as we’re sure you’re all aware of the movement by now and how important it is.

This is a small run of 10 pedals that are a stripped back and revoiced take on our Cafetiere Distortofuzz , with a textured grey finish and oxblood Marconi style knobs, this one certain has a distinct vintage British look.

The Cafetiere circuit is based on the Interfax Harmonic Percolator fuzz, made famous by Steve Albini of Shellac/Big Black and notably the producer of Nirvana’s final album ‘In Utero’. It has since gained a cult following among the most discerning of fuzz heads. It’s a very strange circuit that sits somewhere between a very aggressive overdrive/distortion and a fuzz, we’re really happy to bring you our all silicon take on it.

The controls are fairly self-explanatory, level is the master volume and gain is the amount of fuzz/distortion. The clip switch adds/removes a set of asymmetric clipping diodes that compress the signal even further into raspy/distorted goodness.

This pedal works incredibly well with your guitar’s volume control, offering overly compressed fuzz tones when it’s wide open, a moderate overdrive when dialled back slightly, through to almost completely clean when rolled back a bit further.

The pedal runs on a standard 9v center negative power supply, please do not try to power it with anything else/higher voltages. It is true bypass. It also comes with a set of 3 die cut stickers (see product photos).