The aqueous modulator.

The Junipero is a multi-modulation pedal, offering 8 unique takes on classic modulation effects including vibrato, chorus, flanger, phaser & tremolo and ring modulator.

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Inspired by our love of post-punk, new wave and shoegaze; as well as an interest in classic modulation effects. The Junipero allows you to drift of into an aqueous wonderland of wobbliness, combining an intuitive and familiar interface with easily accessible additional functionality.

The 7 controls are:

  • Rate – Modulation speed
  • Depth – Modulation intensity
  • CTRL – Parameter varies depending on the patch
  • Tone – for the wet signal
  • Level – Output volume
  • Mix – 100% wet to 100% dry
  • 1-8 – Patch selector

The 8 effects in the Junipero are:

  • Chorus/vibrato with detune – Voiced to replicate the analog chorus pedals that defined the sounds of the 1980s. CTRL knob acts as a detune control.
  • Multi-voice chorus – 4 voice chorus that creates a very lush and intricate chorus sound that borders on flanger territory with certain settings. CTRL knob is a mic control for voice 3 & 4.
  • Flanger – Multi-mode flanger with wide-ranging rate & depth controls. CTRL knob blends between through-zero, vibrato and classic flange sounds.
  • Phaser – Classic 10 stage phaser with wide-ranging rate & depth controls. CTRL knob is a feedback control for creating more vocal phasing effects.
  • Tremolo – Variable tremolo with wide-ranging rate & depth controls. CTRL knob blends between classic sine-wave and a ‘repeat percussion’ style effect.
  • Harmonic tremolo – Amp style harmonic tremolo. CTRL knob is a ‘Q’ control to make the effect more vocal (think auto-wah)
  • Vibrato & tremolo – A synchronised tremolo & vibrato, great for creating faux rotating speaker effects. CTRL knob is the tremolo depth.
  • Ring modulator with aliaser – LFO controlled ring modulator with an independent aliaser. CTRL knob is the aliaser blend & frequency.

On top of all of the above, the Junipero also includes a ton of additional functionality, including:

  • Full stereo in/out
  • 5 on-board presets
  • MIDI compatibility (including access to up to 128 presets via a MIDI controller)
  • Full assignable expression pedal control
  • Tap Tempo with 5 sub-divisions (quarter notes, eighth, dotted eighth, triplets, sixteenth notes)
  • Buffered or true bypass (assignable per preset)


Controls – Rate, Depth, CTRL, Tone, Level, Mix
Switches – Engage (bypass), Sub, Preset, Tap
Jacks – Top mounted in/out jacks – full stereo
Power requirement – 9v DC Center Negative PSU
Current Draw – 250ma



You have the option of purchasing the pedal on it’s own, or you can add a t-shirt, hoodie or both! Please make a note of your size (or send us an email) when placing your order. You can purchase the merch pack on its own (pin badges, graphic prints, key chain & stickers) but it is included with any purchase of a pedal or bundle too.

Download the Junipero Product Manual – v1.0

Please do not try to power this pedal with anything other than 9v, doing so could cause your shiny new pedal to stop working permanently, and no one wants that.