The aqueous modulator

Welcome to wobbliness. 

Want modulation? You’ve got it. The Junipero is a one-of-a-kind multi-modulation powerhouse with eight unique takes on classic effects that you know and love. From chorus and vibrato to flange and ring modulation. You’ll recognise them all in the Junipero, but with an added twist that takes things to a whole new level of woozy.

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Drift away into an ocean of modulation, where the waves never stop and carry you into new sonic spectrums. The Junipero is inspired by our love of post-punk, new wave, and shoegaze, and it builds on that inspiration by combining our passion for classic modulation effects with everything that makes modern pedals so usable. 

The result? A Pandora’s box of wobble and wooze that’ll have you weak at the knees. One that can handle subtle modulation sounds to spice up your playing, experimental tones from outer space, and everything in between.

Versatility doesn’t have to come with complexity. And with the Junipero, it doesn’t. An intuitive, easy-to-use interface makes dialling in different sounds a breeze, and with five onboard presets, you can switch between your favourite settings on the fly for instant, effortless changes in direction. (Plus, it’s MIDI-compatible, with access to up to 128 presets via a MIDI controller.) 

To give you even more control, the CTRL knob alters a different secondary parameter, depending on the effect you’re using. One knob. Limitless potential. 

Every effect is tempo-controllable, with five subdivisions to choose from (quarter, eighth, dotted eighth, triplet, and sixteenth notes).

In the Junipero’s bag of tricks, you’ll find: 

  1. Chorus/vibrato (with detune): Voiced to replicate the analog chorus pedals that defined the ‘80s, for better or worse. The CTRL knob acts as a detune control to ramp up the intensity or create a doubling effect if used standalone.
  2. Multi-voice chorus: 4-voice chorus with a lush, intricate sound that borders on flanger territory at certain settings. The CTRL knob is a depth control for voices 3 and 4.
  3. Classic Flanger: Versatile flanger that does everything from fiiltered chorus sounds right through to Jet-plane-swooshing madness, with wide-ranging rate and depth controls that put you in the cockpit. The CTRL knob adds feedback for those intricate flanging sounds.
  4. Through-zero Flanger: The strange lovechild of a traditional flanger and a phaser, this effect brings a whole different perspective to what you think you know about flangers! The CTRL knob adds feedback for creating a more intense, vocal-like effect.
  5. Phaser: A classic 10-stage phaser that focuses on rate and depth versatility to give you the freedom to explore new frontiers. The CTRL knob acts as a feedback control that lets you create vocal phasing effects.
  6. Dual-Wave Tremolo: Variable tremolo that lets you choose the wave, rate, and depth that float your boat. The CTRL knob lets you pick the perfect blend between classic sine wave and a more percussive effect.
  7. Harmonic tremolo: It’s a classic for a reason. Amp-style harmonic tremolo that splits the high and low frequencies for instant harmonic heaven. The CTRL knob is a ‘Q’ frequency control that you can use to create vocal, auto-wah tones.
  8. Vibe-Phase Tremolo: Inspired by the true pitch vibratos used in the amps of yesteryear. This effect combines elements of pitch, phase and amplitude modulation. Perfect for recreating the notoriously hard-to-achieve sound of a rotating speaker. The CTRL knob takes care of the tremolo’s depth, to give you even more flexibility.

Oh, and before we forget. The Junipero knows that two signals are better than one. It’s fully stereo, and every effect makes good use of that to split your signal in wonderfully whacky ways that’ll have you tweaking for hours.

You can also pick between buffered and true bypass (assignable per preset). If all that functionality isn’t enough for you, plug in an expression pedal, decide what parameter you want to control (you can pick any of them), and get wild. You can even control the effect selection with an expression pedal, if you’re feeling brave.

To tame the Junipero, there are seven controls to get to grips with:

  • Rate: Modulation speed
  • Depth: Modulation intensity
  • CTRL: Secondary parameter 
  • Tone: EQ for the wet signal
  • Level: Output volume
  • Mix: Blend control (from 100% wet to 100% dry)
  • 1-8: Effect selector

Plus, it has four footswitches:

  • Engage: Turn it on and off
  • Sub: Pick the tempo subdivision
  • Preset: Access your favourite sounds
  • Tap: Set the modulation speed

Not to mention: 

  • Top-mounted in/out jacks (with full stereo options)
  • Expression pedal input
  • MIDI input
  • Power requirements: 9V DC (center-negative) supply
  • Current draw: 250 mA


  • (W)180mm x (L)120mm x (H)55mm

Want even more details? Course you do, download the Junipero manual here.

P.S. Please don’t try to power this pedal with anything other than a 9V DC center negative supply. If you do, your shiny new pedal might stop working, and nobody wants that.