Sono – V2


The bass fuzz & preamp.

Controls – P Level, P Gain, P Blend, F Level, F Gain, F Rip, F Tone, F Blend
Switches – Fuzz (bypass), Preamp (bypass)
Jacks – Top mounted in/out jacks
Power requirement – 9v DC Center Negative PSU
Current Draw – 20ma (approx)

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You thought we’d forgotten about you lot didn’t you? Well fear not, we’ve got you bass players well and truly covered.

The Sono is an all-in-one solution for your low end dirt needs, packing a powerful preamp & fuzz into one pedal.

The Fuzz side is a monstrous circuit with tons of low end and enough gain to rip the face off a mammoth (if you’re into that kinda thing). The Rip and Tone controls let you dial in some really velcro-like fuzz tones and even with the tone turned all the way up you can bring back in the low end with the Blend control, which blends in your clean signal.

The pre-amp side is a little more tame, perfect for vintage-style over driven bass tones, it’ll take you through from a slightly broken-up dirty boost into a medium gain overdrive. Again, the blend control acts as a way of retaining some of that all important low end and adds clarity to the attack of each note.

You can also use both together for some absolutely chaotic sounds, & using both blend controls means you can actually have a mix of clean, overdrive & fuzz running together at the same time!

Please do not try to power this pedal with anything other than 9v, doing so will cause your shiny new pedal to stop working permanently, and no one wants that.