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The bass fuzz & preamp.

Did you think we’d forgotten about you? 

Bassists, we’ve got your back. The Sono is your all-in-one powerhouse for low-end dirt sounds – packing a powerful preamp and a ferocious fuzz into a single pedal. Use the two sides separately or together, to unlock everything from smooth overdrive to ripping ‘Velcro’ tones, plus a whole heap of chaotic combinations to spice up your basslines and cut through the mix.  

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Rumble and roar. The Sono does it all, giving you a full palette of clean, dirty, and fully fuzzed-out tones to choose from and blend between. It’s a versatile beast. Like the best bassists, it knows that the right low-end sound is the core platform that’s critical to gluing a track together. 

With the Sono, you’ve got the bases (or ‘basses’) covered. The preamp and fuzz sides of the pedal are completely independent effects, giving you the freedom to pick and tweak the best tone for a particular track.

Let’s start with the tamer of the Sono’s two sides. The preamp circuit is simple but incredibly versatile, giving you enough gain to go all the way from subtle break-up through to vintage medium-gain overdrive sounds. The Blend control lets you mix in your clean signal, to make sure there’s no sacrifice of clean clarity or low-frequency thunder.  

The fuzz circuit is the more elaborate member of the team, with an extensive set of controls and enough ground-shaking gain on tap to shatter windows. There’s a Tone control for dialling in specific frequencies and a Rip control that compresses and gates the output, producing raw synth-like sounds that are perfect for lead lines. And just like the preamp side, you can blend your clean signal back in, for a full, anchored tone. 

Plus, both sides of the circuit feature independent level controls, making the pedal even more flexible when switching between the two effects or combining them for something new and nasty.

There are eight controls on the Sono that you can use to sculpt your ideal driven bass tone: 

  • P lvl: Preamp output volume 
  • P gain: Preamp gain control 
  • P blend: Preamp blend control (from 100% driven to 100% clean)
  • F lvl: Fuzz output volume
  • F gain: Fuzz gain control
  • F blend: Fuzz blend control (from 100% driven to 100% clean)
  • F tone: EQ for the fuzz circuit
  • F rip: Compression and gating for the fuzz circuit 

Plus two footswitches: 

  • Preamp: Activates the preamp circuit and all ‘P’ controls
  • Fuzz: Activates the fuzz circuit and all ‘F’ controls

The Sono also features both momentary and latching switching, which means you can hold down one of the footswitches to temporarily engage an effect and then release it to return to normality.

Not to mention: 

  • Top-mounted in/out jacks
  • Power requirements: 9V DC (center-negative) supply
  • Current draw: 135 mA


  • (W)67 mm x (L)122 mm x (H)60 mm

Please don’t try to power this pedal with anything other than a 9V DC supply. If you do, your shiny new pedal might stop working, and nobody wants that.