Tape Deck Delay **Limited Edition**


Lo-fi tape/analog echo emulation delay unit.

Zander Circuitry limited edition pedals are fully powder coated & UV printed enclosures, this offers a high quality finish with more durability.

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The tape deck is the ultimate lo-fi tape echo emulation pedal.

Inspired by the sounds of vintage tape echo units, the tape deck can create everything from dark washes of delay through to pitch-bent broken vinyl echoes.

The controls:
Mix – The wet/dry balance (does not go 100% wet)
Feedback – The number of repeats (very interactive with the tone knob)
Time – Delay time
Tone – go from dark to extremely dark repeats
Depth – Modulation depth
Speed – Modulation speed
Shape – Modulation shape (sine or square wave)

Delay times range from almost nothing to approx 850ms, the longer the delay time, the noisier/lower the fidelity of the repeats and the quicker they begin to distort/mash into one another.

The modulation only effects the wet signal and is separately foot switchable, the modulation section is capable of a wide range of chorus, vibrato and flanger like effects, whether you’re after a slight wobble or full on pitch shifting madness the tape deck can cover it.

If you set the delay time very short and roll the mix knob back you can create some lo-fi faux chorus/vibrato effects.

Expression controls:
EXP 1 – Control the feedback/repeats, very useful in a live situation where you can alternate between single repeats and self-oscillation.
EXP 2 – Manual “tape glitch”, this alters the delay time ever so slightly as you sweep through the range of the expression pedal, creating some subtle pitch-bending effects, similar to a tape on a tape echo speeding up and slowing down as it is pulled and stretched around a tape head.

A few things to note:
Different expression pedals will react differently when using the EXP outputs because they will contain different pot values with different tapers. We recommend the Moog EP-3 as a good all-rounder.

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