The Brew – Champion Leccy Collab


The Brew

  • Very limited collaboration with Champion Leccy
  • Dual fuzz & boost/drive pedal
  • Zander Circuitry Cafetiere + Champion Leccy Fettle Boost
Out of stock

Out of stock




After a very long wait…this collaboration is finally here!

‘The Brew’ is our joint pedal with Philadelphia-based builder, Champion Leccy.

This pedal combines a circuit from each of us:

On the right, we have a stripped down & completely re-voiced version of our Cafetiere pedal, boasting a level and gain control with a diode lift switch.

On the left, we have Champion Leccy’s ‘Fettle Boost’ circuit, also offering a level (love) and gain (fettle) control, plus 2 toggle switches:

  • Clart – a low/high gain switch
  • Hip Ass – a variable high-pass filter switch, offering varying levels of bass response

We’re beyond honoured to work with such an awesome company and we really hope that you enjoy this awesome collaboration.

This is a VERY limited run, so grab one while you have the chance.

If you’re in the US, you are best off purchasing yours from Champion Leccy as you’ll save on shipping & taxes.