Wonderful Noise Awaits


Illustrated Children’s Book.

Come on a journey with our group of 8 friends into the fantastic world of effects pedals and signal processing.



***PREORDER – First batch expected to ship mid June 2021***

Wonderful Noise Awaits is a children’s book written and illustrated by us as a way of introducing children to the world of effects pedals and signal processing.

Each of the main effect types has its own dedicated page and illustration, and our team of eight little creatures (Resi, Cece, Bart, Phil, Dio, Cera, Mica and Trent) are there to guide them through.

I’m by no means an author or a serious copywriter, this was just a fun project I wanted to work on for my own daughter and wanted to share it with you all.

  • Dimensions: 210x210mm
  • Perfect bound booklet constructions
  • 40 pages