We dropped off some pedals to Dinosaur Pile-Up!

With the long awaited release of Leeds-based rock trio Dinosaur Pile-up’s fourth album ‘Celebrity Mansions’ finally here, we were really excited to be going to see them live for the third time!

We’ve been following DPU since the release of their early EP ‘The Most Powerful EP in the Universe‘ and we’ve been hooked ever since. Each release continually surprises us, they just keep pumping out great stuff.

Needless to say they put on an amazing show as usual, being equal parts fun, energetic, aggressive and sweaty. If we had one complaint, it would be that they weren’t on for long enough!

The icing on the cake however, was being able to go backstage after the show and drop off an American Geek and Sono to the riff-master himself, Mr Matt Bigland.

Matt was known for using a big muff both live and in the studio, especially on earlier releases. There’s also a load of great fuzzy/driven bass tones on the various albums, so the American Geek and Sono seemed like the perfect partners for them. He was also very gracious about us very obviously fan-girling and hounding him for a picture or two.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing some of both pedals on future releases!