Handcrafted Effects Pedals

Handcrafted Effects Pedals

All our pedals are made by hand, at our workshop in Essex, UK

Get it fast.

We pride ourselves on having very low wait times for our pedals, with most things being ready to send out straight away.

Get it anywhere.

We ship all of our products safely & securely to all corners of the world (and beyond, for you aliens out there).

Get it to last.

Our rigorous quality control process means you can be sure you’ll get an awesome, durable pedal that’ll be making wonderful noise for a long time.

Who are Zander Circuitry?

We’re a small, independent effects pedal company operating from a neat little workshop in Essex, UK that was founded in 2016.

Got a question? Get in touch!

If you’d like to know anymore about any of our products, discuss a custom build or just fancy a chat with a stranger, head over to the contact page and fill out the form.